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HMD Lavage – Drainage Remedy – 2oz (60ml)

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Most people in today’s world have sluggish detoxification organs and have difficulty in eliminating metals effectively. We have therefore formulated our special Lavage Drainage herbal detox remedy to support your HMD Heavy metal detox. ‘Lavage’ is French for ‘drainage’ and this product has been specifically developed to drain heavy metals out of your body. It is an herbal detox mixture that is 100% natural. It only contains the best ingredients to make sure your body can detoxify in the best manner possible. Lavage also contains herbs that are known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial as well having antioxidant properties. It cleanses your liver and kidneys and helps them to better eliminate toxins. At the same time it contains herbs that are also beneficial for your lymphatic system, lungs, blood, skin and immune system. 

Lavage will make your detoxification process faster and more effective!

HMD Lavage is part of our Ultimate Detox Program – the best way to detox.

Please note: Lavage does not eliminate metals by itself. It will only achieve desired results when taken in conjunction with HMD.

Buy Lavage as part of our Ultimate Detox Pack and SAVE:



Glass round bottles

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