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What is HMD

Dr. Georgiou's Heavy Metal Detox Protocol Also known as: HMD™ ULTIMATE DETOX PACK



    HMD™ TRIPACK HMD™ TRIPACK contains 3 bottles of HMD (Heavy Metal Detox) 4 oz...


    Sale!HMD TRIPACK contains 3 bottles of HMD

    The 60-DAY HMD™ ULTIMATE DETOX PACK CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING: 2 bottles of  HMD™ (Heavy Metal Detox). This unique...



    The 90-DAY HMD™ ULTIMATE DETOX PACK CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING: 3 bottles of  HMD™ Heavy Metal Detox. This unique...


    Sale!90 Day HMD Ultimate Detox Pack – 3 months supply


Natural Toxic Metal Detox

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Dr. Georgiou's Heavy Metal Detox Protocol

HMD Heavy Metal Detox is a 100% natural detox product

HMD™ Overview

How does HMD™ work?

The exact mechanisms of how HMD removes heavy metals from the body have not been fully researched yet, however it is believed that it is related to the rich nucleopeptides present in various components of HMD and the charge potentials created.

Small protein-like molecules used by neurons to communicate with each other combine with the other components to form a “complex” that grab hold of heavy metals and other toxins inside the cells and help them to cross the cell membrane  into the mesenchyme or matrix (space outside the cell).

It is here that Chlorella will pick up the toxic metals and eliminate them from the body.

What we do know from the extensive 3-year scientific studies that were conducted during the invention of the HMD, is that the individual components of HMD do not work on their own – but when mixed together there is a synergy that makes it a powerful natural heavy metal detox product!

We should not underestimate the synergistic aspects of nature and how these “synergistic complexes” that are formed when all the ingredients are mixed together are very powerful therapeutic agents!

HMD is one of the best and safest ways to undergo a heavy metal elimination protocol.

Who should take HMD?

Who Should Take HMD?

In today’s world you simply cannot escape toxic heavy metals and poisonous chemicals, so we all need to detox regularly. Heavy metals are in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the cosmetics we put on our skin.

Even newborn babies are heavy metal toxic, people in such remote and “clean” areas as the Arctic are toxic and even animals and wild life have been found to contain toxic metals. Check out this research to see how true this is!


In September 2005, Greenpeace International with the World Wildlife Fund published a document entitled “Present for Life: Hazardous Chemicals in Umbilical Cord Blood.

The research was a real eye-opener as it showed convincingly that newborns tested positive for hundreds of different heavy metals and other toxins.

Specifically, the blood tests showed that these newborns had an average of 287 toxins in their bodies, 180 of these are known carcinogens [cancer causing substances].

All these had been passed on from the mother to the baby. In particular Phthalates, one of them most omnipresent groups of chemicals and mainly used in PVC were found in most of the tested babies.

This particular group of toxins can be particularly damaging to the male reproductive tract, and are toxic to reproduction. There were also a number of toxic metals found in the baby’s blood.

Do you want to protect yourself?

HMD does not only eliminate heavy metals naturally, initial trials have shown that it also chelates [binds & eliminates] Phthalates and other organic chemicals. It is a true natural heavy metal detox product!

You may think that toxins are only a problem in the industrialised world and that people in more remote and cleaner areas of the globe are protected. Think again! Research published in “The Science of the Total Environment” shows that pregnant women in the remote Disko Bay area in Greenland were also highly toxic.

The study,  “Organochlorines and heavy metals in pregnant women from the Disko Bay area in Greenland” showed high concentrations of heavy metals such as mercury, selenium and cadmium in their blood and fatty tissue. This is attributed in particular to their high consumption of the meat and blubber of marine mammals.

So, we can honesty say and support scientifically, that we are all toxic and need products like HMD as part of a natural heavy metal elimination protocol!

Eliminating toxic metals naturally for all the family is certainly going to prevent the development of many chronic diseases – preventative medicine at its best!

Is there a way of measuring the levels of toxic metals in my body?

It is impossible to measure the total amount of toxic metals in a living human being!

However you can measure the amount of toxins that are circulating in your blood stream during the last couple of months by using our HMD Hair Mineral Analysis and Toxic Metal Test.

Dr. Georgiou has written a peer-reviewed article on “The Use of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in Clinical Decision-Making Regarding Heavy Metal Chelation”

The paper discusses how the first analysis will show what toxic metals are in circulation only – not what heavy metals are stored in the body organs and tissues.

HMD can be taken for a couple of months in order to eliminate toxic metals naturally from the body. A second hair test 2 months later will indicate whether there are heavy metals stored in the organs, particularly if there is an increase in toxic metals compared to the first test.

HMD has been on the market for 16-years and we have seen such increases on the post-hair test many times. It is a natural heavy metal detox that is effective.
Should I take HMD™ even though I have no obvious symptoms?

Prevention is wiser than cure! We have already seen that ALL of us are toxic to a greater or lesser degree – even newborns in all parts of the world.

So, taking HMD and related products for 2-3 months once per year is going to help to eliminate toxic metals naturally and prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Given that heavy metals are an underlying cause of many chronic diseases that can cause life-threatening illnesses, then a heavy metal cleanse or natural heavy metal detox is a wise choice to prevent disease.

How soon will I see results?

This depends on how toxic you are, how long the heavy metals have been stored in your body, and the status of your detoxification organs that are needed to help eliminate these heavy metals from the body.

Some people report immediate improvements, but in our experience it takes a few weeks before you will notice a real difference. A heavy metal detox is a process and the body needs time to naturally eliminate toxic metals that have accumulated in your organs, tissue and bones over many years.

If you are very toxic the process takes longer. So be patient if results are not immediate – we recommend trying the HMD, the LAVAGE and CHLORELLA together called the ULTIMATE DETOX PACK for at least 3 months for optimal benefits.

This is a trully natural heavy metal elimination program that is safe and gentle for all your loved ones.

Does HMD™ remove other good minerals and trace elements?

Basically no! During our extensive research over 3 years, we did not see essential minerals being eliminated from the body. In fact, due to the good minerals and trace elements that HMD contains, it is actually giving these to the body, not removing them.

What we did observe in the research, is that HMD can act as an ‘adaptogen’ – it adapts according to the body’s needs.

When the body has too high concentrations of essential metals such as iron or copper (which can cause toxicity), HMD will remove these high concentrations and bring them back to normal levels.

HMD is a natural heavy metal detox designed for getting rid of heavy metals naturally.
How do I know that HMD™ actually works?

There are many TESTIMONIALS by people who have been successfully using HMD™ over the years.

HMD™ is one of the few heavy metal detox toxicity  formulas that have been scientifically tested using the Gold Standard of research design – a double-blind, placebo controlled study with 350 people.

It was shown to successfully eliminate heavy metals such as antimony, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, uranium and other toxic metals.

HMD™ has been on the market now for over 16 years and has been used by many practitioners with their patients worldwide, as well by many other customers with their families.

This research has been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals. Please feel free to download the following research article:

1. Georgiou, G.J. Scientific Research on Heavy Metal Chelators: Testing What Works? International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Sept 2018.

See other research papers on HMD™ in our research section.

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