About HMD™


Natural Detox with HMD will make you feel healthier and full of energy.

HMD™ is one of the only 100% natural Heavy Metal detoxifier in the world that has been scientifically proven to work. Its unique formula is the result of 3 years of scientific research using double-blind, placebo controlled trials with 350 people.

HMD™ is a blend of various natural ingredients such as Chlorella Growth Factor, Coriandrum satvium (Coriander) and a homaccord of Chlorella pyrenoidosa. It is important to note that taking all the HMD™ ingredients on their own will not achieve any chelating [metal binding] effects. Only when mixed together in a special ratio do they show a synergistic effect.

It has taken 1 million dollars and years of extensive research to find this unique scientific HMD™ formula that eliminates harmful heavy metals and toxins from the body.

TOXIC METALS such as mercury, arsenic, aluminum, lead or uranium can wreak havoc on your system and cause many illnesses from chronic fatigue to cancer. And unfortunately we are all toxic to a lesser or greater degree. According to latest research estimates that at least 6% of cancer deaths are due to environmental toxins.

HMD is also the only detoxifier on the market that chelates uranium-238. See the results below:

HMD is the only natural heavy metal chelator that removes uranium from your body.

You can read more about the unique properties of HMD™ in our Scientific Proof section where you can also download all the pertinent research papers.

HHMD™ guarantees you a 100% natural detox: It is free from allergens, artificial colouring, flavors, salt and preservatives and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It is manufactured in a GMP certified laboratory in the USA.

In order to stay 100% healthy we all need to detoxify regularly. HMD™ is a safe, effective and completely natural way to do just that. Why wait to feel good?


HMD™ has been dubbed the ‘gentle detoxifier’ as it basically has no side effects that one would encounter with other chemical chelators. Many synthetic chelating agents can cause severe side effects including vomiting, stomach cramps or even kidney problems, as well as stripping good minerals from the body. HMD™ has none of these effects. During our research with hundreds of people only 2 subjects reported minor transitory headaches – no other side effects were recorded.

We also tested kidney, liver and heart functions before, during and after taking HMD™ and no pathological measures were recorded. On the contrary, Heart Rate Variability Testing (HRV) – a measure of the functionality of all the physiological systems of the body – showed a significant improvement in only a few days.

During the first 24 hours some patients may experience detox symptoms such as headaches, sore muscles or tiredness. These symptoms have been dubbed the ‘healing crisis’ and arise because toxins are suddenly released into the blood stream, which may cause some symptoms.

These symptoms are actually a good sign – they show that HMD™ is working! Taking our HMD™ LAVAGE and ORGANIC CHLORELLA will facilitate the detox process by opening up detoxification organs, therefore helping your body eliminate metals faster and more efficiently. The healing crisis should not last more than a couple of days, unless your detox organs such as kidneys and liver are compromised and aren’t functioning properly. In this case we recommend you follow the full HMD Detox Program, drink plenty of water and if necessary reduce the dosage to half or less when beginning and increase slowly by one drop at a time.

With some very toxic people, or the very young or elderly with compromised detoxification organs, it may be wiser to begin with one drop by three times a day, and increase by one drop every day until you reach the required dosage for your weight.



We know that HMD™ works – it has been scientifically proven and thousands of people are enjoying the benefits every day. While the exact mechanism of how it works has not been fully researched yet, it is believed that the rich nucleopeptides [small protein like molecules used by neurons to communicate with each other] in the HMD™ latch onto metals and are later eliminated through the kidneys, which was the main route of elimination found from the research.

The research in fact found that most of the metals leave through the urine, with smaller amounts being eliminated through the feces. This is a distinct advantage because it limits re-absorption of metals through the gut.

HMD™ is freely absorbed by the oral mucosa and most likely crosses the blood-brain barrier, but more research needs to be conducted on this.


SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN – tested using rigorous science over a 3 year period
100% NATURAL – nothing chemical, nothing synthetic, nothing nasty
NO SIDE EFFECTS – unlike other synthetic metal detox products
COST EFFECTIVE – costs less than a daily cup of coffee
THE WHOLE FAMILY can benefit – including children and grandparents, as well as pets
SAFE to take over long periods of time – just like taking multivitamins or antioxidants
EASY – to take as liquid drops in some juice or water, which ha a pleasant sweet taste
OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS – improves your immune system, metabolism, cell functions and combats free radicals
IT WORKS – removes all toxic heavy metals without eliminating essential minerals


With every order of HMD you also receive our “Ultimate Detox Guide” worth $15 absolutely FREE.