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Detoxmetals.com is run by a company based in Cyprus – G.M.G. Da Vinci Health Ltd. In many years of clinical practice we have seen first-hand how much damage toxic heavy metals can do to our bodies. This is why we are excited to share our knowledge and present our unique, natural detox formula HMD™.

HMD™ has undergone rigorous scientific testing. It took 3 years of clinical trials costing over $ 1 million to identify the unique HMD™ formula, shown to help remove toxic metals from the body. Thousands of people are enjoying the benefit of HMD™ every day; we hope you will become one of them!

Dr. George J Georgiou, Ph.D.,N.D.,DSc (AM)

Dr Georgiou Dr. George Georgiou, the inventor of HMD™ is a world-leading expert in the field of holistic medicine and detoxification. He has written 23 books, has published numerous articles and has lectured at various schools and universities.

He has a B.Sc. in Biology and Psychology, a M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Sexology. He also holds a Doctorate of Science in Alternative Medicine as well as Diplomas in Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathic Medicine, Medical Herbalism and Iridology amongst others.

Curing the Incurable. A Holistic Health Encyclopedia

Dr. Georgiou has over 35 years of experience in the field of natural medicine. He has summarized his extensive research in the book  ‘Curing the Incurable with Holistic Medicine’. This 600-page eBook contains valuable information on the development and treatment of disease, and how even chronic ‘incurable’ diseases can be cured using holistic principles. A useful handbook for Natural Practitioners, with over 750 scientific references. It also includes detoxification tips for the layperson, regarding optimal nutrition and detox cleanses; along with many other related therapies and insights.

Dr. Georgiou is also the inventor and IP rights owner of the HMD™ formula.

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