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Earn a Passive Income while you sleep

What is the HMDTM Affiliate Program?

The HMDTM Affiliate Program allows you to sell HMDTM products and earn commission in exchange.

How Do I Get Set Up to Do This?

It’s easy really! You simply need to sign up HERE!

Like every other affiliate programme, HMD provides the essential marketing material, tools and guidance to succeed.

Why Would I Want to Sell HMDTM?

Mainly because HMDTM is one of the world’s only natural Heavy Metal Detoxification products that have undergone extensive research using double-blind, placebo controlled studies, and has been scientifically proven to work. This research has been peer-reviewed and has been published in various journals. The articles can be downloaded in our ‘Scientific Proof‘ section, so see for yourself!

This makes HMDTM a unique product with minimal competition, making for a potentially huge market.

What Do I Need to Sell HMDTM?

Ideally you would have a website so that you can place a banner or button or some other image advertising HMDTM. When someone clicks on this and comes to our website, your unique code or cookie comes with them, so when they make a purchase your commission is automatically registered.

If you do not have a website, but you have an email database of clients, then you can certainly write emails recommending the HMDTM products, again with your unique code embedded in the links that you provide. You will again make the commission on all sales.

What is This Unique Link?

When you sign up for the Affiliate programme, you will obtain a unique Standard Link Code that identifies yourself. This link you place in all your links or banners and the affiliate tracking software will automatically track all sales for you, and keep log of your commissions.

How Do I Receive My Commission?

We will send you it monthly by PayPal or you can exchange your commission for HMDTM products if you wish.

Do You Provide Any Help With Marketing?

Yes, absolutely! We provide ready-made banners that you can simply copy and place on your websites or social media or youtube channel.

We also provide you with many tutorial videos to watch and learn, as well as downloadable .pdf files. Our main Marketing Director is also available to answer your questions and guide you every day.

What is the Commission I Receive?

The commission starts at 10% for each sale you make, but can reach 15% as your sales increase.

Remember, however, that our average order value runs about $300, so one such sale will give you between $30 and $45.

How Can I Keep Track of My Commissions?

You can simply log into your Affiliate login and all your commissions will be there – you will have your own “Back Office” to see your commissions. In addition, the HMDTM Affiliate Program platform features a ‘General Statistics’ tool that will provide you with daily, weekly and monthly report on your performance, including where your traffic is coming from, which country, how many people viewed the various pages as well as commission on sales.

How do I sign up?

Signing up to HMDTM Affiliate Program is really easy. The sign up form will ask you to provide some information such as your name, address, company name, email address and website address.

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