Chlorella Facts

Chlorella is a perfect detox aid. Chlorella (Greek: “Chloros” = Green; Latin: “ella” = small thing) is a green algae with an unusually high content of chlorophyll (the highest of any known plant), which gives Chlorella its characteristic deep emerald-green color.


Chlorella is a superfood and is renowned for its health benefits. It is packed with nutrients and beneficial vitamins. It contains all of the B vitamins, vitamins C and E, amino acids, beta-carotene, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, rare trace minerals as well as essential fatty acids. Chlorella is about the size of a red blood cell (2-10 microns) and has a polysaccharide membrane that can absorb large amounts of dioxin, lead, mercury and other toxins. This is possible because Chlorella contains:

  • Sporopollein – a substance that is extremely effective at binding neurotoxins and more effective at binding toxic metals than any other known natural substance
  • Chlorella Growth Factor – this has been shown to remove some toxic metals in animal studies
  • Porphyrins – these have a strong metal-binding effect
  • Chlorophyll – this activates the receptors on the nucleus of the cell which are ultimately responsible for detoxification

Chlorella has been shown to help in the detoxification of:

  • PCB’s (Polychlorinated biphenyls) – these are chemicals that are very prevalent in the environment and are used for coolants and lubricants in electrical equipment, as heat exchange fluids and as flame-retardants.
  • DIOXINS these chemicals are known pollutants that are generated through combustion, chlorine bleaching and some manufacturing processes. They are highly toxic and unfortunately very prevalent. Chlorella has been shown to inhibit Dioxin absorption as well as speed up its excretion.
  • HEAVY METALS– experiments have shown that Chlorella can help to excrete cadmium, arsenic and mercury, as well as reduce the toxicity effects caused by these metals.

Organic chlorella helps to eliminate toxins from your body.Chlorella is nature’s answer to the multi-vitamin pill concept, offering a broad array of nutrients in highly bio-available form with perfect synergy. The benefits of Chlorella make it a perfect tool for body detoxification. Its fibrous outer cell wall binds with heavy metals and pesticides that accumulate in the body and ushers them out. Its high content of chlorophyll makes it an ideal cleanser for the blood stream and the elimination channels, ensuring that metabolic wastes are carried away from the tissues.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that we only source the best Chlorella, as indicated by our Certificate of Analysis. It is processed to the highest standard in a GMP laboratory in the USA resulting in top quality products.



Chlorella reduces body fat percentages:

A report published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, details how researchers in Kyoto, Japan fed Chlorella to 17 subjects with high-risk factors for lifestyle-related diseases, and 17 healthy subjects over a 16-week period. They conducted blood biochemical tests and gene profile expression analysis before and after the Chlorella administration. They confirmed that in both groups, Chlorella intake resulted in noticeable reductions in body fat percentages, total serum cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose levels.

Chlorella is a potent cancer fighter:

Chlorella stimulates the immune system and the production of interferon, one of the body’s greatest natural defenses against cancer. Increased interferon production is thought to stimulate macrophages, T-cells and tumor necrosis factor. This results in the immune system being able to combat foreign invaders whether they are viruses, bacteria, chemicals or foreign proteins. Chlorella’s DNA repair mechanism has been documented.

Numerous animal studies have documented chlorella’s effectiveness against cancer. One such study involved mice receiving chlorella prior to being transplanted with breast tumors. The results indicated a 70 percent survival rate in the chlorella fed group versus a 0 survival rate of the control group that did not receive Chlorella.

In another study, fifteen Glioblastoma patients were treated with high levels of chlorella, in some cases combined with chemotherapy and radiation. (Glioblastoma is a type of deadly brain tumor). Their health and immune status increased immediately, and 40% of them survived for another two years. The general two-year survival rate for this type of cancer is only 10%.

Chlorella reduces UVB damage to skin:

An article in the European Journal of Dermatology reports that Chlorella suppresses the collagen degradation usually caused by UVB rays. UVB radiation is known to damage human skin, affect skin tone and resiliency, and leads to premature aging. Ingestion of Chlorella has been shown to inhibit this activity.

Chlorella decreases dioxin but increases immunoglobulin concentration in breast milk:

One of the big sales pitches for the use of infant formula in place of breast milk has been that breast milk contains dangerous levels of dioxin. A study reported in the March 2007 edition of the Journal of Medicinal Food analyzed dioxin levels in breast milk and maternal blood samples from 35 pregnant women in Japan. They measured immunoglobulin A (IgA) concentrations in breast milk and investigated correlations with dioxin concentrations. In addition, 18 of the 35 women took Chlorella supplements during pregnancy, and its effects on dioxin and IgA concentrations in breast milk were investigated.

The researchers found that the women who took Chlorella had significantly lower levels of dioxin, but much higher levels of IgA in their breast milk. Increased IgA levels in breast milk help reduce the risk of infection in nursing infants.

Chlorella helps balance the body’s pH:

Many researchers believe that diseases start and thrive in an acidic body environment. Any diet that is deficient in fruits and vegetables will be acidic in nature. The consumption of soft drinks and processed fruit drinks are particularly acid forming, as are diets high in meat and uncultured dairy products.

Proper pH balance is critical for health, and the body goes to great lengths to maintain a healthy pH level, by pulling alkaline minerals out of the bones to buffer any excess acidity. This is why consumption of soft drinks is linked to osteoporosis.

Chlorella is an alkaline food, which means it counters acidity. This promotes increased bone mass since the body is not sacrificing minerals from the bones to create proper acid/alkaline balance. Metabolic function is therefore improved. The consumption of alkaline foods has been linked to improved immune function, kidney function, higher energy levels and lower allergic response levels.