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Encouraged and much better!

Encouraged and much better!

I just received a call from a gal that I gave an HMD™ sample to a week ago. She was so highly toxic that even touching coins would cause a metal taste in her mouth. After 2 days she noticed she woke up – wide awake- as she says. This has never happened. She can now, after a week, pick up a metal fly swatter without feeling and tasting metal in her teeth as drastically as she had before. She still got a small charge in her mouth. She is on a very low dose – 20 drops twice a day. She was so afraid to start anything more “heavy” as her reaction could be dire. She worked in the plumbing industry for years and handled metals, thus her build-up. She is feeling encouraged and feeling much better.


This testimonial have been sent to us by satisfied HMD™ customers as well as practitioners who are prescribing our products. If you would like to share your story, please email us at [email protected]

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