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Great Results of hmd

Great Results of hmd

I’d like to let you know about one of my patients here in Egypt: Lead toxicity, paralysis, blindness, depression, vomiting – 28-year old woman:The patient is now a 28-year old university graduate whose problem began 7 years ago with neck pains that progressed to semi-paralysis of the hands and feet. She began taking certain vitamins and minerals in high dosages, which helped initially, but she was left with a limp.About 2 years ago the same symptoms appeared again but the progressive degeneration was much faster this time. Her vision was affected with blurring and white shadows until she became completely blind. She also became chronically depressed.During this time she saw many doctors of different specialties such as internal medicine specialists, neurologists, psychiatrists and others. She had developed a loss of sensation in her feet, with excruciating pain in her whole body, to the point where anyone touching her caused excruciating pain – there was no way that she could be seated upright by herself. Her blood pressure had reached 200/100 and she was started on anti-hypertensive drugs to control this. Her pulse rate increased and she began vomiting, with little appetite.She also had peeling of the skin of her feet which was quite marked.During the last 5 months her symptoms got worse with oedema of the legs and clonus of the feet. She began biting her tongue and cortisone therapy was begun to control the swelling. There were also chronic, unbearable abdominal cramps. Even her facial features had changed due to bone protrusion in her face. She had a very bad taste in her mouth with a metallic characteristic. Her voice was very erratic and it was difficult to understand what she was saying. She could not sleep for longer than a couple of hours at a time.Interestingly, at the back of the skull on the occipital region there was a distinct softening of the cranial bone with a puss-like viscous fluid extruding from the skull, making the hair all sticky.Diagnostic testing using EMG showed chronic axonal polyneuropathy. MRI showed abnormal signal intensity in the white matter of the occipital and posterior parietal lobes on both sides consistent with white matter disease or dural matter disease. ESR was elevated at 70, RBC count was low at 3.81 and she was very anaemic looking, her HGB was low at 9.8, HCT low at 26, MCV low at 70.1, S; was creatinine low at 0.3 and albumin low at 2.1.A Tissue Hair Mineral Analysis was performed as an initial screening test to determine the levels of toxic metals – lead was found to be 1,000% higher than the reference range.About 2 months ago this lady began taking HMD™ (Heavy Metal Detox) once the hair analysis showed high toxic metals, particularly lead.Within a short period of time she began seeing dramatic improvements such as:* The sensitivity of the skin and pain in the bones had gone completely and it was possible to touch her again* The stiffness in the knee had gone* The abdominal cramps had gone completely* Her facial features had changed as the bones in her face that had a protrusions returned back to their initial position* Vision has improved somewhat and she is now able to see shadows

* The oedema in the ankles has now gone and she can now sit unaided, something that was very difficult before

* Her voice has now returned to normal – before it was very erratic and communication was difficult

* She can now sleep for long hours and get the rest that she requires

* Her left arm that was completely paralyzed and had swelled considerably, has now gone and she can move her arm much better.

On the 29.07.07 this lady was seen by the inventor of HMD™, Dr. Georgiou, at the Da Vinci Clinic Egypt on one of his trips there and confirmed the diagnosis of lead poisoning with ART resonance testing showing lead accumulations in the occipital cortex, the liver and kidneys. A more detailed and complex detoxification regime was begun for this lady, using HMD™ as one of the main chelators, along with drainage remedies and high mineral levels. Her progress will be carefully monitored and reported here for the benefit of all.


This testimonial have been sent to us by satisfied HMD™ customers as well as practitioners who are prescribing our products. If you would like to share your story, please email us at [email protected]