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Heavy Metals And Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome

Heavy Metals and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome

Heavy Metals And Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome

Silvia Buday

Disease: Heavy Metals and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome


I would like to give you a very positive update on my wife Silvia, who suffered from heavy metals and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS), and how she has tremendously improved since June 2021 (first very long testimony I sent you on 18th June 2021).  This is being reported August 2022.

At that time she was on 30 drops of HMD, 2 times daily and within another couple of months she reached 35 drops, but this was causing symptoms, so she reduced to 32 drops twice daily for a couple of months. She had suffered from heavy metals and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome for the last couple of years.

For the last 3-4 months she managed to increase to 34 drops, twice daily. I think she could do 35 drops now without an issue, but she likes to be careful.

Since she began taking HMD which was July 2020, she has consumed 10 bottles of HMD in total. So, it took 10 bottles to get her from extreme EHS symptoms back to normal life and finally back home. She had to leave home due to the electromagnetic pollution in the home and went to an isolated place that had no electrical components to survive.

It is truly AMAZING!!! We have moved back to our flat just a week ago (on 1st August 2022) and now I can tell she is able to withstand those powerful wi-fi routers of many neighbouring flats and sleep.

This was not possible just 5 months ago when she could withstand only 2-4 hours. Sometimes she can still feel that electromagnetic radiation however it is bearable, not a big issue any longer.

She is also able to make a 40-minute continuous phone call, watch big 49-inch LCD TV for hours and use mobile data frequently, as well as work on a PC.

Wow! What joyful days we are experiencing now :))) From now on I can start catching up with my work as my wife has been able to return to normal life and take care of herself. I must say it again that without HMD none of this would be possible. We are very thankful for your HMD.

Two things she has issues with are old plasma TVs (so we got rid of it, LCD is much safer) and specifically security cameras with infrared lights (IR LEDS) which seems to give more or stronger electromagnetic radiation than wi-fi.

We discovered this issue with security cameras just 3 months ago accidentally outside when we went for a walk and stopped for a while by a hotel building which had security camera on a wall with IR LEDS (it was evening so you could see those IR LEDS shinning red).

Standing close to that camera (about 3 meters) caused her some strong EHS symptoms just within 2 minutes whereas wi-fi cause similar symptoms within 2-4 hours back then.

We confirmed this by going to few other places and standing by several other security cameras (different models, different manufacturer) with IR led lights (both during daytime and evening).

During daytime you cannot see those IR LEDS shinning red, but they still emit radiation as she could feel it. Cameras without IR LEDS were fine.

So, devices like baby monitor camera with IR LEDS must be bad for children. Or when there is a house having 4 security cameras with IR LEDS on each wall, that person does not know how unhealthy an environment they have created. Add to that wi-fi routers, wireless speakers, and whatever smart wireless devices inside home, and smart watches/bands and the EMF increases even further.

HMD is a really great lifesaving product which I would like to introduce to our public in Slovakia via our website. My wife Sylvia also wants to write a book to help other people suffering from EMS and how they can be helped.

Radoslav Buday
Wellnealife s.r.o.


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