Mercury Detoxification


There is probably not a living person or animal on this planet that does not have their share of mercury toxicity. Mercury is a very toxic substance – more toxic than lead, cadmium, or arsenic.

The primary source of mercury contamination is right in your mouth – dental fillings composed of amalgam of various metals, of which about 50% is the metallic form of mercury. A small tenth of a gram mercury filling would release mercury lasting 27 years, which is pretty much a consistent chronic toxic exposure for the life of most fillings.

Large amounts of mercury vapour are released during chewing. After only ten minutes of gum chewing, there is an average increase in mercury release of 15.6 times more than during the resting state in test subjects. That converts to a 1,560% increase in mercury release!

A number of studies have shown that the heart is sensitive to mercury toxicity – one study with idiopathic cardiomyopathy patients found that their heart muscle contained a dose of mercury that was 22,000 times higher than that seen in hearts of other people the same age!  With heart failure rates rising exponentially, no one is really looking at the possibility that vaccines, dental amalgams and other sources of mercury are the cause.

There are a number of purported, natural heavy metal chelators on the market, but literally none of these have been investigated in depth using double blind, placebo controlled trials, apart from one. This natural product called HMD® has undergone the “gold standard” double blind, placebo controlled study using 350 people at a cost of over one million US Dollars.

These trials have shown that HMD® is an important natural compound that is capable of effectively mobilizing and eliminating mercury from the body.