Mercury: The Global Disaster

Scientists around the world have shown how low levels of mercury toxicity is directly related to illnesses like cancer, heart disease and a host of neurological problems like Alzheimer’s, MS, ALS, autism spectrum disorders. It could also be playing an important role in the rapid increases we are seeing in diabetes – mercury attacks sulphur bonds in both insulin and insulin receptor sites.

One only has to do a preliminary search of the literature and find 358 papers exemplifying the relationship between cardiovascular disease and mercury with a further 643 showing the correlation between cancer and mercury. However, degenerative neurological diseases top the list with over 1,445 publications demonstrating a relationship with mercury.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the CDC, and a long string of other medical organizations are certifying mercury as safe for use in vaccinations when there is a plethora of research to suggest the opposite. This safety of mercury is being proposed on the one hand, while on the other the dangerous pandemic of one child in 166 being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and as many as one in six children diagnosed with a developmental disorder are blasted across the media.


These figures convert to about 24,000 children born each year in the U.S. alone will be afflicted with autism related to mercury, while perhaps over 600,000 children will suffer from mild to severe learning disorders due to neurological damage of delicate brain cells.

There are many other damaging effects of mercury – here is a list that is backed by scientific research and well referenced:


  • Dental Amalgam contains about 50% Mercury
  • Mercury has been scientifically demonstrated to be more toxic than Lead, Cadmium, or even Arsenic
  • Mercury leaves dental amalgam continuously throughout the lifetime of the filing
  • Mercury vapour is the main way that mercury comes out of amalgam
  • Mercury vapour is absorbed at a rate of 80% through the lungs into the arterial blood
  • Mercury is cytotoxic. Ie. It kills cells
  • There is NO harmless level of Mercury Vapour Exposure
  • Mercury from amalgam binds to -SH (sulphydryl) groups. These exist in almost every enzymatic process in the body. Mercury from amalgam will thus have the potential of disturbing all metabolic processes
  • Mercury from amalgam is transported freely via the blood
  • Mercury vapour is absorbed directly into the brain
  • Mercury from amalgam will result in a slow build up of mercury in body tissues
  • Mercury crosses the blood brain barrier
  • Mercury is implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Mercury from amalgam is stored in the foetus and infant before the mother
  • Mercury from amalgam is stored in the breast milk and the foetus up to 8 times more than the mother’s tissues
  • Mercury (Mercury Vapour / Methylmercury) crosses the placenta
  • Mercury Crosses into breast milk
  • Mercury will severely reduce reproductive function
  • Mercury rapidly depletes the immune system
  • Mercury will induce a number of Auto Immune Diseases
  • Mercury will cause an increase in number and severity of allergies
  • Mercury from amalgam is stored principally in the kidneys, liver and brain
  • Mercury from amalgam (shown in animal experiments) causes kidney damage
  • Mercury from will cause a 50% reduction in Kidney filtration as shown in a study of sheep after amalgam placement
  • Methyl Mercury is more toxic than elemental Mercury
  • Mercury from amalgam is methylated in the mouth
  • After chewing, Mercury Vapour levels will remain raised for at least another 90 minutes
  • Mercury from amalgam will migrate through the tooth
  • This rate of migration is increased if a gold crown is placed over a tooth filled with amalgam
  • Teeth are living tissue and are a part of our bodies
  • Teeth have a massive communication via blood, lymph and nerves with the rest of the body
  • Mercury from amalgam is absorbed into the body at a rate of 3 to 17 mcg / day
  • Mercury release is increased by; increases in temperature, friction & increase in electrical currents
  • Mercury from amalgam will enter the body as: Elemental Mercury, Inorganic Mercury, Vapour, charged Mercury ions
  • In the Brain, Mercury from amalgam is stored preferentially in the Pituitary Gland and Hypothalamus
  • Micro-Mercurialism is principally characterised by Neurological symptoms
  • Mercury is transported along the axons of nerve fibres
  • Mercury from amalgam may be stored in every other cell in the body. Each area affected will produce its own set of symptoms
  • Mercury binds to haemoglobin in the red blood cell thus reducing oxygen carrying capacity
  • Mercury damages blood vessel reducing blood supply to the tissues (micro-angiopathies)
  • Amalgam fillings produce electrical currents which might be injurious to health. These currents are measurable in Micro Amps. The Central Nervous System (Brain) operates in the range of Nano-Amps this is One Thousand times less than a Micro Amp
  • Dissimilar metals in the mouth [eg Gold & Amalgam] will produce higher electrical currents
  • Mercury from amalgam (shown in animal experiments) will induce Antibiotic Resistance and Mercury resistance in bacteria in the mouth and Gastrointestinal tract
  • Brain levels of mercury are in a direct linear proportion to the number of Surfaces of amalgam fillings in the mouth
  • The level of Mercury, in brain tissue of foetus’s, new born, and young children, is proportional to the number of amalgams in the mother’s mouth
  • Mercury will cause single strand breaks in DNA
  • Mercury levels in the body can not be assessed by either blood or urine levels
  • Mercury from amalgam fillings is the single
    greatest source of dietary mercury for the general population
  • Dental personnel are severely effected by exposure to mercury

The Solution
As you are all probably aware, there are a number of synthetic and natural products that can chelate mercury. Most of the natural products have not been tested in double-blind, placebo controlled trials except for HMD™ which has been shown to eliminate 448% more mercury in the post-urine sample compared to baseline in 56 people.