Natural Heavy Metal Detox

heavy metal detox

Natural Heavy Metal Detox

heavy metal detoxNatural Heavy Metal Detox

Exposure to chemicals is a serious public health problem that affects wildlife, soils, water, and air and can have very harmful human health effects.

Exposures to heavy metals must be identified quickly and a detoxification protocol must be begun the earliest to prevent these toxic metals from going deeper into the body.

No person is excluded from the harmful effects of heavy metals, but the most vulnerable populations are children, pregnant women and industrial workers.

Exposure to Metals

Generally speaking, exposure to metals occurs in two ways:

  1. via their presence in the environment (air, food, water, and soil)
  2. by undergoing transformation in their structure.

In such transformations, metals can exhibit a higher level of toxicity. Examples of transformations include mercury changing to more toxic methyl-mercury and the increasing concentration of metals moving up the food chain on account of their binding capacity to sulfhydral groups present in proteins. The exposure to metals can occur at work, home, or in the community environment.

We should all be concerned about the recent increase in production of chemicals (including metals) and the serious health risks associated with metal exposures. Generally, there is an underreporting of medical problems related to occupational and environmental exposures to chemicals due to lack of training in identifying the symptoms related to metal toxicity.

Significant Mortality

There is a significant mortality and morbidity from exposure to heavy metals and other toxins. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than “25 percent of total burden of disease is linked to environmental factors including exposure to toxic chemicals.” It is believed that lead, a heavy metal, for example, is thought to be responsible for 3 percent of cerebrovascular disease burden worldwide. In a recent carefully conducted analysis, Pruss-Ustun and colleagues of WHO have estimated that 4.9 million deaths (8.3 percent of total mortality worldwide) are attributable to environmental exposure and inappropriate management of selected chemicals. These are large numbers of people worldwide and we certainly should be concerned about the number of diseases that can be caused by these toxic metals.

Children More Exposed

Children are generally more susceptible to environmental hazards than adults due to a number of reasons. Generally, children drink more water, breathe more air, and eat more food per unit weight as compared to adults. Children spend a significant amount of time on the ground and floor. All of these reasons increase a child’s opportunity for exposure to metals. Moreover, in young children there is considerable hand-to-mouth behaviour, so children are more likely to come into contact with toxic metals in dust, carpets, or in the soil. In addition, the metabolism of children differ from that of adults as their detoxification systems are not as well developed and efficient, so toxins are more likely to linger.

Natural Heavy Metal DetoxHMD-Heavy Metal Detox

So, in order to protect ourselves and our children, we need to educate ourselves and understand what is the best way of removing these metals, given that they are ubiquitous and unavoidable most of the time.

The best way is to take a natural heavy metal detox formula that has been scientifically tested and shown to be effective in removing toxic metals from the body in all age groups.

The formula is called HMD™ and you can read more about it so that you can make the correct decisions for you and your loved ones.

Try a Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie regularly to maintain optimal health and wellbeing!

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