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Naturopathic Practitioner with Mercury Symptoms

mercury amalgam symptoms

Naturopathic Practitioner with Mercury Symptoms

Naturopathic Practitioner with Mercury-symptoms – my husband, Cory, was told by his doctor in 2012 that he had ‘great heavy metal toxicity, 
and very great mercury toxicity’. Cory is a naturopathic physician and has always taken good care of his health, so it was a shock to hear this news. We feel the mercury problem was related to how amalgam fillings were removed from his mouth.

This situation became so severe that we were told Cory was on the brink of having a stroke, even though his BP, EKG, and all other parameters were completely normal. We were told that the mercury had caused ‘silent inflammation’ in arteries and this, in turn, could result in a stroke.

We did a lot of research and created a multi-faceted protocol to help Cory regain his health. We came upon HMD™ (Heavy Metal Detox) and were impressed by the research. We decided to make this our primary tool to reduce heavy metal toxicity. And this proved to be an excellent choice.

Cory’s Lymphocyte Sensitivity Test result in very late 2012 showed 190 inorganic mercury (very high) and 140 organic mercury (still very high).

By early 2015, the results had changed to 150 inorganic mercury and 85 organic mercury.

By 2019, the results had chanced to 110 inorganic mercury and 70 organic mercury.

Cory’s doctor thought the result was wonderful and he asked us for information about HMD™.

Cory is about to embark on another few months of HMD™ treatment now. Our Lymphocyte Sensitivity Test is not available anymore, so we are going to have a Tissue Hair Mineral Analy-sis Test through Dr. Georgiou’s Da Vinci Holistic Health Center.

We both feel confident that, with the help once again of HMD™, that the toxic load of mercury and other heavy metals will decrease even more in Cory’s body. And we are grateful.naturopathic-practitioner-with-mercury-symptoms


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