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People need to know this stuff really works!

People need to know this stuff really works!

Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product. I’ve had horrible health problems for years, insomnia being the worst one. I started having a burning feeling in my brain and finally traced all my life’s problems to the mercury in my silver fillings.

I tried nearly everything under the sun for insomnia and nothing seemed to help. I tried melatonin, 5-HTP, herbs, ect. I even tried medical marijuana which helped a small percent.

The HMD™ was really working the third day I was on it at the full dosage at 45 drops x 3 times a day. I’m not sure if it really was or maybe this was all in my head? My mind might have been at rest knowing I’m on the road to recovery with HMD™.

Day 15 rolls along and my insomnia is 50% improved. By the time I’ve finished 2 bottles my insomnia has vanished.

I had no idea the HMD™ would work this good considering my 9 amalgam silver fillings are still in my mouth. Three of them are cracked wide open. I feel like the HMD™ is protecting me from anymore mercury damage. I am getting the fillings out in a few weeks.

I have been taking the LAVAGE and CHLORELLA too which are amazing. Chlorella is the worlds healthiest food aside from spirulina.

Not sure why people think chemical chelation is the right way to detox. Why pour more chemicals in your body when your already toxic?
Our bodies are self detoxing if we eat the right healthy foods. Cilantro and chlorella are those foods.

I have one more bottle of HMD™ that I’m  on right now from the detox pack. That’s okay because my new HMD™ order should be here any day including  my iodine. I heard 90% of the world is deficient in iodine. I wonder if this is true?

Please get your fillings out the safe way by a mercury-free dentist. Take HMD™ and protect yourself. Thanks again.

PS: I would love for you to put me on the site. People need to know this stuff really works!

My cold hands are about 70% gone. Stomach pains are 100% gone. I’ve only taken two bottles. If it works this good I wonder how good I will feel after a year on HMD™. Amazing!


This testimonial have been sent to us by satisfied HMD™ customers as well as practitioners who are prescribing our products. If you would like to share your story, please email us at [email protected]

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