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During the launch of HMD in the UK there have been a number of press releases in the National UK media – here are a few of these releases in brief:




HMD – Heavy Metal Detox – designed to eliminate the harmful toxic metals absorbed by our bodies. Available from




There’ a more effective way to detox than living on mung beans, according to toxicity expert Dr. George Georgiou. “The fastest way to get rid of chemicals that can open the door to disease is to use a toxic metal eliminator that binds to dangerous toxins like heavy metals,” he explains. “A new algae-based liquid supplement called HMD™ has been shown in three years of double-blind trials to safely remove metals from the body.” 




In an average festive meal, arsenic is present in turkey, while cadmium, lead and organo-chlorine pesticides are found in potatoes, carrots, Brussel sprouts and peas.


Heavy metal toxin expert Dr. George Georgiou said: “With today’s modern society taking its toll on our bodies, there is a real need to increase awareness surrounding the issues of heavy metals.



We ingest more toxic metals daily than our body eliminates. These metals, which are present in the air, water and soil, accumulate in tissues and organs and could lead to diseases such as cancer, MS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Dr. Georgiou has developed a supplement to help eliminate harmful toxins – HMD™ – Heavy Metal Detox.



Heavy metals such as aluminium, lead, mercury and arsenic can accumulate in your blood, leading to everything from tiredness and mood swings to a lowered immune system and kidney dysfunction.

 Developed by leading researcher Dr. George Georgiou, HMD™ Heavy Metal Detox supplement contains chlorella which acts as a natural detox agent to remove toxins from your system.




WHAT the makers claim is an effective way to remove heavy metal toxins from our body, has been launched in the UK.

Heavy Metal Detox is a natural compound much like a food supplement that can be taken three times a day to help eliminate harmful toxic metals from your body.

The makers claim it does not adversely affect the body’s natural balance of essential minerals and will help to prevent degenerative diseases.

Surprisingly, some of the foods that contain heavy metals are those believed to be amongst the healthiest dietary options.

 Fish is a key source of mercury with high levels regularly found in tuna, swordfish and sardines. Chicken is also a culprit containing arsenic, given as a growth promoter.

 Other foods at risk include fruit, vegetables and cereal products that have been sprayed with pesticides containing toxic metals such as arsenic and mercury. They are also susceptible to pollutants landing on crops grown close to main roads.




The hidden dangers of toxic chemicals 

Families are being warned about the dangerous chemicals harmful to health which are prevalent in everyday life. Heavy metal toxins, expert Dr George Georgiou, claims we are putting ourselves at risk on a daily basis and could even find ourselves under par from eating the traditional Christmas lunch.

Arsenic, lead and aluminium are all present in the turkey, trimmings and drinks most Scots will serve up over the festive period. According to Dr Georgiou, we unwittingly ingest far more toxic metals daily than our bodies can eliminate.

Aluminium can be found in many processed foods, cosmetics, toothpastes, antiperspirants, air and drinking water supplies; and some common medicines such as antacids. Symptoms may include memory loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia; inability to concentrate, tremors, jerking movements, depression and anxiety; bone loss, kidney damage and cardiac arrest.

Arsenic is found in timber treatment, agricultural chemicals, mining, metal smelting, groundwater and animal growth-promoters. It can increase cancer risk, cause gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and nervous-system problems; fatigue, malaise, skin problems, hair loss and diabetes.

Cadmium is found in cigarette smoke, refined foods, water pipes, coffee and tea, batteries and phosphate fertilisers. It can generate bone loss, kidney damage, high blood pressure and increases cancer risk.

Lead is found in paints, fuels and oils, lead shot, explosives, fishing tackle rubber and plastics, inks and dyes, building materials, food and drink containers and toys. It can cause anaemia, damage the nervous system, kidneys, gastrointestinal system, heart and reproductive system.  It can cause behaviour problems, loss of IQ, hearing loss and poor growth in children.  Children absorb four to five times as much as adults.

Mercury can be found in our teeth (amalgams), in childhood vaccinations, in fish, as air pollution, pesticides and waste disposal. Mercury disrupts the nervous system and can cause allergic reactions.  It is particularly damaging to developing  embryos, which are five to ten times more sensitive than adults.

According to Dr Georgiou, there is a solution to heavy metal toxins. Heavy Metal Detox (HMD), which is being launched in the UK, is a natural heavy-metal eliminator, he says, which like a food supplement,  should be taken three times a day to remove heavy metal toxins from the body.

As toxic metals do not leave the body rapidly, it is recommended that HMD be taken for three to six months, after which individuals will start to feel and see the benefits of the supplements.

Dr Georgiou said: “With today’s modern society taking its toll on our bodies, there seems to be a very real need to increase awareness surrounding the issues of heavy metals. It cannot be a mere coincidence that diseases such as cancer and other serious ailments are on the rise. It is imperative that ignorance is alleviated and people become aware of the dangers. Simple proactive steps such as eating organic food and taking a heavy metal eliminating  supplement can ensure that levels of exposure are minimised.”