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Flushing Gallstones Naturally (eBook)





Gallstones are a major cause of morbidity worldwide. In the United States over 10% of the total population have gallstones. This figure increases with age. After the age of 60, 10-15% of men and 20-40% of women have gallstones. Each year 1,000,000 new patients are diagnosed. These stones can cause a variety of symptoms and effects. They increase cholesterol levels and can cause gall bladder problems, jaundice, indigestion, and constipation amongst others.

This 22-page book shows you how to rid yourself of gallstones naturally and easily. The recommended cleanse takes place within a period of less than 14 hours and can be done at home. Dr. Georgiou has personally supervised hundreds of such cleanses and seen the dramatic effects they can have.

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