The following articles document Dr. Georgiou’s research in developing HMD™. They contain the outcome of his double blind, placebo controlled trials with 350 people and provide scientific proof of the effectiveness of HMD™. These articles were peer reviewed and published in renowned journals. Please see for yourself below.

1. Natural Heavy Metal Chelators: Do They Work? (2007)

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2.A Natural Heavy Metal Chelator is Born: It’s Use in Paediatric Cases (2007)

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3. The Use of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in Clinical Decision-Making Regarding Heavy Metal
Chelation (2010)

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Curing the Incurable. A Holistic Health Encyclopedia

For more information on holistic health, toxicity and detoxification you may also see one of Dr. Georgiou’s books entitled:  ‘Curing the Incurable with Holistic Medicine‘. This 600- page eBook contains valuable information on the development and treatment of disease, and shows how even chronic ‘incurable’ illnesses can be cured using holistic principles. A useful handbook for Natural Practitioners, with over 750 scientific references. It also includes detoxification tips for the layman, regarding optimal nutrition and detox cleanses; along with many other related therapies and insights. Also available on Amazon and other online bookstores.




“The American Cancer Society estimates that about 6% of cancer deaths — nearly 34,000 a year — are caused by environmental pollutants.”

Widespread exposure to environmental toxins poses a serious threat to Americans, causing “grievous harm” that government agencies have not adequately addressed, according to a strongly worded report released today by the President’s Cancer Panel, a body of experts that reports directly to President Obama.

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“Coca-Cola glasses release toxic cadmium!”

Coca-Cola announced that it is recalling 88,000 drinking glasses because one glass in each of the 22,000 four-glass sets, sheds the toxic metal cadmium.

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“Primate Study Shows Significant Harm from One Birth Dose of a Mercury-Containing Vaccine”

A research team led by scientists from the University of Pittsburgh and Thoughtful House reported today that exposure to a birth dose of a hepatitis B vaccine that included an ethyl mercury preservative caused significant delays in the development of several survival reflexes in male rhesus macaque monkeys.

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If you would like further information about toxins, heavy metals and their devastating effect on the environment and our bodies, please see our Articles  section for more research papers and information.

We have also collated Videos with regards to toxins and toxicity.