Scientific Research

HMD™ is a 100% natural heavy metal detox product that has undergone extensive testing and scientific research.

HMD™ is the result of a three-year long research that cost over $1 Million. During those 3 years over 25 different natural products and combinations were scientifically tested using double blind, placebo controlled trials with 350 people and the only combination that managed to eliminate the most toxic heavy metals is now known as HMD™.


The HMD™ research followed rigorous scientific protocol known as the “Gold Standard” of scientific testing: The “double-blind, placebo-controlled” protocol.

350 people were tested. Some were given a harmless substance with no active ingredients. This is known as a “Placebo”. [It has been found that people sometimes respond to medicine simply by believing in its powers. Hence people that are told they are receiving migraine medicine but are actually given an ineffective sugar pill sometimes still report a reduction in migraine attacks. In a placebo controlled study the test subjects who received the actual medicine, must perform significantly better than the people who received the placebo.]

In our testing none of the test subjects knew whether they were receiving HMD™ or just a Placebo. Neither did the researchers nor the laboratories know what/who they were testing. Hence the name “double-blind” – it ensures that results are not contaminated in any way by prejudice or belief.

Samples of both urine and faeces were taken from the subjects before (baseline) and after (post) taking the HMD™, and the levels of metals were tested in each of these samples. These samples were sent to laboratories in the US where ICP-MS cutting-edge spectrometers were used to analyze the samples to an accuracy of parts per billion. A “detoxifier” [substance that removes heavy metals from the body] works if metal levels are higher in the “post test” [sample taken after the medicine was ingested]. More information about testing is available in our ‘Testing for Toxins’ section.

After the initial studies, further tests were done to determine whether HMD was effective for Mercury as well as Uranium.

Uranium-238 is a growing worldwide problem due to depleted uranium missiles used during wartime. HMD™ has been shown in preliminary trials to be capable of removing Uranium 238.

The results show that after only a 12-hour provocation with HMD™ there were many heavy metals eliminated in the post-urine and feces samples, compared with baseline (figures are expressed as a % mean increase):

  • Mercury – 448%
  • Lead – 483%
  • Arsenic – 7,409%
  • Uranium – 707%
  • Antimony – 45%
  • Cadmium – 67%
  • Bismuth – 564%
  • Nickel – 80%

If you would like to read the full research results simply download the articles below:

1. Georgiou, G.J. Natural Heavy Metal Chelators: Do They Work? Explore! Vol. 16, No. 6, 2007.

2. Georgiou, G.J. A Natural Heavy Metal Chelator is Born: It’s Use in Paediatric Cases, British
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3. The Use of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in Clinical Decision-Making Regarding Heavy Metal
Chelation (2010)

All these articles are also available as HTML versions in our HMD Research section.

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