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Our family apparently was exposed to uranium because it appeared in hair analysis and urine tests. We discovered we lived in an area where there were veins of uranium running underground through the town and later read in news accounts that the EPA was testing wells for uranium in our area. As soon as we learned that we apparently had been exposed, we tried HMD. It was a relief to know that there were options for detoxification, especially for our children, that wouldn’t be harmful. Later testing showed that the levels had reduced by half in about 6 months. I have recommended HMD to friends with autistic children.

I just want to say that the HMD detox is working very very good with me…After the first week I had kind of flu symptoms but after that I began feeling better. I also had pain flashes in some of my teeth but that has gone too now and I am feeling overall better. My hair has started growing again, skin and my eyes look clearer and more healthy as well. I havent slept as well for years as I do now after 10 days on the metal detox. It is really a good product and the best money I have spent in a long time.

The HMD products are being used by our vaccine-damaged daughter. She was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Dysfunction. Since starting HMD, we have noticed many progressive steps. Her eye contact and cognition improved dramatically. She is using more language then ever before. Her bowel movements have been consistent without yeasty stools. This product has definitely changed her overall health and well-being. And she seems so much happier!!! I am so glad her doctor recommended this for her and will NEVER consider removing it from her regimen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!