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Eliminating Heavy Metals Naturally

What is a Heavy Metal Detox?

Heavy Metal Detox

What is a Heavy Metal Detox?

What is a Heavy Metal Detox?

Even though heavy metals are ubiquitous, having an excess amount of heavy metals in the body can cause many symptoms that are difficult to diagnose. We are continuously getting heavy metals in our body from food, water, and the environment, so preventing their entry is very difficult in today’s world.

According to a 2019 review, heavy metal poisoning is a common health issue due to the prevalence of industrial, agricultural, and sewage waste.

Heavy metals can enter our bodies through food and environmental factors. Some sources of heavy metals include:

  • soil erosion
  • mining
  • industrial waste
  • fossil fuel emissions
  • pesticides on crops
  • waste water
  • smoking tobacco

Some examples of heavy metals include:

  • arsenic
  • antimony
  • cadmium
  • chromium
  • copper
  • lead
  • nickel
  • zinc
  • mercury
  • aluminium
  • iron

Health Effects of Toxic Metals

Heavy metal toxicity can affect the function of organs such as the brain, the liver, and the lungs. Having high levels of heavy metals in the body can also reduce energy levels and affect blood composition.

Long-term exposure to heavy metals can cause the symptoms seen in degenerative conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. In some cases, long-term exposure to some metals may even cause cancer.

Eliminating Heavy Metals from the Body Naturally

What is important is to try to eliminate these heavy metals in the body by using a natural heavy metal cleanse or chelator. One of the best and most scientifically based heavy metal detox supplements is known as HMD™.

Certain substances, such as those present in some foods and medications, bind to heavy metals and transport them out of the body. This process is called chelation.

A substance that binds to heavy metals is known as a chelator, and the process that transports them out of the body is called chelation. People may also refer to a heavy metal detox as chelation therapy.

Is heavy metal detox effective?

For people with heavy metal poisoning, a heavy metal detox may be essential to prevent life threatening complications. Doctors may use certain drugs, such as penicillamine or dimercaprol, that bind to metals and carry them out of the body, but there are normally side-effects involved and many are administered by IV and are expensive.

Using a natural heavy metal detox may help prevent a variety of chronic conditions. According to some research, heavy metal detoxing may help prevent kidney, cardiovascular, and neurological conditions.

HMD™ Heavy Metal Detox is a 100% natural detox product that has been scientifically tested, designed for toxic metal detox – natural detoxing!

HMD™ contains Cilantro (Coriandrum satvium), a homaccord of Chlorella pyrenoidosa and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF).

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Our best-selling product is the 90-Day Ultimate Detox Pack – this is a 3-month detox pack that is ideal for offloading a substantial amount of heavy metals from the body.

There is also one-month supply – Ultimate Detox Pack as well as two-month supply – 60-Day Ultimate Detox Pack.